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Antique Epergnes

From the Victorian Accessories and Decor Collection

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Epergne Stourbridge England

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Epergne Glass With 4 Vases

A Victorian Epergne shading from one vibrant color to another, mainly pinks, to light vaseline green & a light blue, 4 vases on a rounded dish, this is a simple elegant epergne in mint condition, 12 inches round and almost 20 inches tall

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Victorian Silverplate Cherub Epergne

A Victorian Silverplate Cherub Epergne, with a cut glass vase, the vase is wrapped on the bottom to make it stand straighter in the holder. The cherub has wonderful detail. would be great with flowers in vase and fruit or nuts on the bowl. 25 tall

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Epergne Cranberry Glass

A wonderful Victorian Cranberry Epergne with 3 tulips and 2 canes from which hang 2 cranberry baskets. This is a real beauty & it has become impossible to get these anymore. The condition is almost perfect. There is a chip to the rigoree on the largest tulip, now this can be polished down but it is there. Otherwise, there is the roughness that is expected on the bottoms of the baskets. The pieces are all original to the basket and of course all the same color. 19inches tall, there are 2 images that show the slight damage to the rigoree, I am emphasising this for honesty purposes but it is most minor

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Epergne Stourbridge England

A wonderful epergne with 3 canes and 3 hanging baskets, The color variation and gradation is cranberry, vaseline, & blue opaline

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Epergne -Glass SOLD

A rare and unusual Stourbridge Victorian art glass epergne, This model has 5 fluted tulips with two glass canes with hanging baskets. The condition is excellent, the glass appears to be clear however, when photographing it, there is a definite vaseline tint to the glass, & rigoree, all the glass is trimmed in an unusual blue. In collecting these for over 20 years, I have not seen one with 5 flutes, nor a blue one. 20 inches tall and 16 inches wide

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Antique Glass Epergne-SOLD

A wonderful ornate epergne made in Stourbridge England, late 19thC. This epergne is special because it has 3 hanging baskets & 4 tulips, condition is very good, there is a minor chip on the bottom of one of the baskets, & roughness on the others, otherwise excellent, 22 1/2" tall & the bowl is 12"

Product Photo

Epergne- Vaseline Glass- SOLD

The most elaborate Victorian Glass Vaseline Epergne I have ever handled. this beauty has 4 tulips in mint condition, with 3 glass canes from which hang 3 vaseline baskets, complete with rigoree and vaseline glass base, this is an epergne that has all parts original and matching one another, it is not one of those assembled or married epergnes

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